Our History

Our Beginnings

In 1994, eight people took a short-term mission trip to the Dominican Republic with an interest in serving God. When they returned the following year, on the last day of their trip, a Dominican pastor, Ondina Barriola, asked the group, “Are you the ones?” For fifty-one years Pastor Ondina waited and believed God’s promise that before she died someone would come and build a church for her congregation. This marked the birth of Meeting God in Missions.


Our Growth

In 1998, in addition to construction ministry, Dr. Mike McDonald lead the first medical team for MGM in the Dominican Republic. Since that time MGM has expanded its ministries to include worship and teaching, optical, dental, prayer and evangelism, sewing, sports, gardening, food and clothing distribution, as well as children’s and women’s ministries. Over the years people from all walks of life have found an opportunity to serve the Lord through a short-term mission trip with MGM. MGM welcomes all those who have an interest in extending help to the less fortunate.


Where We Are Now

Today, thousands of people venture to the Dominican Republic each year to minister to people in need. People representing many denominations, varying degrees of spirituality and diverse backgrounds have joined MGM on short-term mission trips. MGM has recently expanded its ministry to the deaf community of the Dominican Republic. MGM continues to be open to the direction and the will of God as it looks to the future.


Our Founder

Jim McDonald, the founding father of MGM was a successful basketball coach and athletic director at Edinboro University. In 1998, Jim found himself standing in a Dominican sugar cane village holding a little Haitian girl in his arms. As he looked down at her it dawned on him that this was better than any success he had previously achieved. It couldn’t get any better than this!

Hundreds of those who have journeyed with MGM to the Dominican Republic have gone back home with their faith strengthened. They’re serving God as never before in their families, local churches, and in their communities. MGM has served to re-establish purpose in the lives of many who have participated in a short-term mission trip.

Consider joining us on a one week short-term mission trip.

You can make a difference!